1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FUl8NDO6mA

    Whelp. Here we are! 1:30 on a Yunnan morning.

    Lately I’ve found myself only able to endure the “existential” “biting cynicism” of Bill Callahan’s emotionless Smog tunes. I’m grossed out by the criticism I’ve looked up, which blabs about his misogyny and complexity and some other bullshit that says nothing about the music at all.

    I am picking up a humor about alienation and longing for something simple that one doesn’t actually have a practical appreciation for. Wanting something simple and ignoring the fact that you would be bored as shit if it were reality. There are two lyrics from one of his songs that I just can’t step away from - -

    all we need is here on earth

    about every other day

    can’t say anything to his ‘every other day’ idea, but i feel like he’s being an asshole and i appreciate it. and…

    oh to live in the country

    with a chicken and those other things

    goodness. the baritone deadpan, the longing!

    i think he has the right idea. it all doesn’t have to be so serious when it is so serious.

  2. Cuihu is the only park for me

  3. Cuihu is the only park for me

  4. Cuihu is the only park for me

  5. "demolish"

  6. My students raised their ACT English scores by 11% in one week, AND my orchid bloomed. What a day!

  7. Cowgirls

  8. #nofilter

  9. Laos is the besssst

  10. 19th century temple painting, skeletal figues